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Modern Curriculum

We rely on modern Canadian curriculum in our courses to fit the needs of jobs market and to give our student the latest knowledge required to start their career.

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Online Courses

Our courses are online. we use programs like Zoom and MS Team to deliver the best learning experience to our student. Also allows student to study from home.

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Training Certificate

Canada Academy give students a completion certificate upon passing the course. some courses does not have a certificate but most of them are.

Learn in a Better Way

Learn new skill with Canada Academy and open new door in your career development. 
Canada Academy offers a variety of courses to help people gain computer skills. Starting from basics courses to more advanced some examples are: MS Excel courses, programming courses such as Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP and web development.
In addition to that we have course in Database and graphic design using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Also, courses in Corel draw and graphic design concepts and tools.
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