Education for everyone

Lets distribute help for all people around the world. All good things starts with better education but the education itself is not available for everyone because of many factors. Especially in war and conflicted area, the factors and conditions are limitless. 

Help us helping more

We already helped over 1000 person in IRAQ to learn about basic technologies and we want your help to get going always and to expand our help to other areas. Students keep asking us for more help and for more courses.

We appreciate this

While so many people struggling to through the hard conditions they still eager to learn. Knowledge is their hope to overcome their hardship. Our mission is to help them achieve this in an easy way. We appreciate helping people as we appreciate living in such a great place.

Help Them Change Their Life

Why to build a Learning Management System (LMS)?

I tried to find a solution over the last 2 years, but there was nothing solved the issue. All ready to use LMS do offer Arabic interface. There are many challenges facing me in this work so that I find the LMS is must:

  • The differences between timing zones make it difficult for live streaming the online classes.
  • The growth in students number, make it difficult for me to follow up on them especially on the tests.
  • Using free tools is a challenge because of its limitations
  • Using Arabic language, in both LMS interface and conversations, is must, as targeted audience do not speak or understand English enough to grasp the lessons or navigate through English interface website.

What is fund for?

This fund will be used in the favour of the following:

  • Build LMS with Arabic interface for uploading and managing the courses, assignments, tests and certificates.
  • Hosing the LMS where advanced dedicated hosting will be used.
  • Provide virtual machines where students can practice the lessons regardless of how old is their computers or software.

The Story

My Name is Ahmed Mohammed, I am originally from IRAQ, from where I got my Math degree. I studied computer programming in Canada, graduated, and got my job. I’m really happy with that.
However, when I visited IRAQ in 2019 , I saw so many brilliant youths and students with little education in Computers and Techs. Imagine a science degree graduate knows almost nothing about emails and Microsoft office, not to mention Windows (the operating system).
 Those intelligent people can solve advanced physics, math, and chemistry problems and pass difficult exams.
I believe they should know more about computers.
The same situation applies to many other countries such as Syria , Yaman .. etc.
 So, in August 2020 while I was on vacation, I started my “Canada Academy” project. My goal is to educate in the Arabic language as many students as possible.
 I started a Facebook page (
 I created free live courses using Google Meet (Computer Essentials ), which teaches how to use Windows. In only one month, over 150 students enrolled in the course and most of them passed the test exam that I made to gain the Certificate for the course.
 Within two months, I got 2000 followers.
I started teaching Microsoft Office with so little cost less than $9, which is very affordable for the level of living there. It also has excellent success.
Followers started contacting me about new courses, but my vacation has ended.
 Currently, followers are around 4000 on the Facebook page.
 I have tried since then to build myself a website, with an interface in Arabic, where I can upload my courses, exams and certificate, but with no luck because of the lack of knowledge.