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Learn more skills

Our courses’ curriculums are well-structured. Our main focus is to get you the best knowledge in less time. Thus, when you get a job or build on your skills, you can perform better and more efficiently with you new skills.

Fast track learning

Slow learning is better in knowledge retention. However, fast learning is needed in some situation and some people. With our fast track courses. You can achieve your goal faster and still know what you have studied in the courses.

Achieve better with less

You feel there is a lot to learn in the busy world and emerging work skills. Times passes so fast and you do not learn as much. Achieve your learning’s goals better with our planned courses. Fulfill your ego and get more motivation to learn more. 

can't you finish your course?

Here is why

In other popular educational platforms such as Udemy, the courses tend to be longer. Longer is not always better, do you know why?

Because, the teachers on Udemy know that when people see long durations for the course they think there will be more details and better content. But that is not always true.

In fact, most long courses contains repetitive information, non-relevant information and slower talking. In this way the courses get longer and instructors get more sales for their courses. That will make you feel fatigue and discourage you from continuing the course. That is why most student do not finish their courses.

In Canada Academy, we focus on quality and learning-time efficiency. This is our main point of strength. When you study or learn through our courses you will get better results with less time. We provide you with tips and tricks on how to continue the course to the end in the same level of energy you started with.

Less is more, but how?

We give smaller but very well planned and structured courses. Following this method in learning, makes you see the achievement which gives you the motivation to finish another milestone until you reach the final goal. 

Let’s explain this in an example, Jaba has enrolled in a programming course. The course duration, for example, is 80 hours. After watching 25 hours of the course, Jaba starts feeling fatigue and feeling this course is endless. Thus, Jaba start skipping through the course materials. At the end Jaba stops watching the course. 

What Jaba faces is a fatigue and lack of energy. The main reason behind that is the long duration of the course. With Canada Academy, Jaba would see 4 courses each one divided into 3 milestones. Thus, Jaba can take breaks and can see the achievements which give him/her the energy and motivations to finish more until reaches the final goal.


How does Canada Academy solve this problem?

First, we plan the course. We develop the curriculum with the student energy, and time in our mind. We do NOT throw everything in one chapter or video. Thus, you can focus more, understand and absorb the course topics much better.

Second, Canada Academy do NOT increase the course time for the purpose of increasing the length of courses which can make it looks better. Instead we give focused material so you stay on track and build solid foundation.

Third, we divide course into small chunks. We advise you to take break between courses. Thus, you resume your learning journey fresh. and finish your course to the end easier with new set of skills in your pocket.